Founded in 2001, MBS is family owned and operated. Our services become an extension of your practice. We consider ourselves a “Remote Business Office” leaving you with the feeling that we are in the next room ready to respond to your needs.


Our Mission

Deliver outstanding solutions that are sensible and maximize reimbursement.

In-depth, in-the-trenches experience

The foundation of our company is experience. The MBS management team has personally performed every medical billing position from charge entry, to AR follow-up, to electronic data interchange. As a result, we know how to get your claims paid the first time.

Our undivided attention

We strive to exceed your expectations, so we're never too busy to return a call or e-mail. That means you'll always know the status of your accounts. Since we're not a large firm, we can remain nimble and flexible - ready to spring into action or switch gears when you need us to. And we always deliver on time. Always.

Pricing for the real world

Do a little shopping around. You'll discover that we're one of the best medical billing values out there. Why? Because MBS provides far more than just billing. You receive personal expert attention and our commitment to be a leading resource in your speciality. Yet our pricing is exceptionally reasonable given the level of service and expertise that we deliver. When billing in-house you face fixed costs but with MBS your costs are based on monthly receipts. If your production dips because you are on vacation so does your cost of billing. We only get paid when you get paid.



  • Patient Registration
  • Charge Entry including verification of CPT, ICD-10, and modifier combinations
  • Electronic Billing of primary and secondary insurance claims
  • Banking Deposits
  • Payment Application
  • A/R Follow-up 
  • Appeal Denied Claims
  • Patient Statements
  • Patient Collections
  • Monthly Practice Reports
  • Patient Customer Service


In addition to the basics, you will also receive the following value added services:

  • Local staff trained by a certified coder in the area of your specialty to ensure the correct CPT, ICD-10, and modifiers are used.
  • "Fee ticket" monitoring for accuracy and completeness. Any “problem” fee tickets will be communicated with you or your staff.
  • Via audits and communications we monitor billing patterns and notify clients if any corrective action may be necessary.
  • Faster returns due to our up-front personal attention.
  • All payments will be deposited on the day they are received.
  • monitoring of payer reimbursement amounts per individual contractual guidelines.
  • Review quarterly/annual changes to RBRVs and communicate changes that affect your practices reimbursement.
  • Financial Forecasting & Reimbursement Analysis.
  • Persistent insurance follow-up: let us fight the insurance battles.
  • Appeal incorrectly denied claims and review CCI edits.
  • Comply with Medicare and CMS guidelines, and regularly review updates and changes to keep your practice informed.
  • Reduced overhead costs and liberation from staffing headaches.
  • Unparalleled customer service.
  • The feeling that we are in the next room ready to respond to your needs. Our local staff is trained to proactively anticipate the needs of your practice.
  • Prior to submitting insurance requests for additional information all documentation is reviewed for accuracy.
  • Paperless Solutions.
  • Practice Management Assistance. Examples include: conduct staff training, assist with job descriptions and employee reviews, streamline workflow, create office policies & procedures, and charting documentation assistance.


Coding Consultations and Chart Audits performed by a Certified Procedural Coder.
Review of coding and documentation to identify problems that could put you at risk for compliance violations by federal and local payers and assists in maximizing reimbursement through proper coding. Feedback is provided for documentation deficiencies that might have a negative impact on the provider.

Coding/Billing Seminars are tailored to fit your needs.
We perform coding and billing courses based on your needs. Examples of courses we have provided in the past are, E&M Coding & Documentation, Coding Basics, Dermatology Coding, Closure Documentation Requirements, Mohs Documentation Requirements, and ASC Requirements. We also have courses that are certified by the AAPC for CEUs and we are willing to submit new seminar material based on your
eeds for AAPC CEU approval.


Assist with navigating insurance carrier credentialing and contracting.  Help maintain credentialing databases such as CAQH, PECOS, ProviderSource, and ProviderOne.

Notify all payers of changes in practice information and assist with EFT set-up.

Practice Evaluation & Consulting

  • Current practice analysis and development of a recovery plan.
  • Bring pending receivables up to date.
  • Assist in start-up practices securing business success from inception.
  • Operational assessments and strategic planning.
  • Staff training and development to ensure maximum reimbursement.
  • Streamline front office process and review collection of patient demographic information.
  • Existing contract reimbursement audits.
  • Process re-engineering; taking you from paper to paperless