georgia johnson, cpc
co-founder, president

Georgia’s multi-faceted experience in the healthcare industry has molded her into a well oiled medical billing machine. She has come a long way from a Medical Assistant in Lemmon, South Dakota. She has made many career transformations; from an MA in the heart of White Center, Washington to the Business Office Manager of multimillion dollar medical groups, to Certified Coder, to Consultant, to Compliance Officer, to Founder. This broad spectrum of experiences and challenges honed Georgia’s skills and techniques. She is the reason our family is in the industry. At MBS, Georgia leads her team with enthusiasm because she is passionate about coding and medical billing. As a member of the AAPC, she is far more than just a Certified Professional Coder; Georgia is a walking CPT and ICD-10 code book with mental hyperlinks to limited coverage policies. If she can’t immediately reference her mental bookmarks she knows exactly where to go to find the answer.

beth colombo
co-founder, vice-president

It’s hard to explain how a Graphic Design major ended up a Vice-President of a medical billing agency, but to people she has worked with, it makes perfect sense. Motivated by a desire to have a relaxed “suit-free” work environment with a stable pool of talented employees, Beth jumped at the opportunity to cofound a medical billing service. Beth is not your typical creative. She has an enterprising nature that blends creativity with logic. With her work experience spanning the gamut of medical billing positions from entry level to management, she has an in-depth understanding of the billing process from start to finish. At MBS, Beth specializes in reimbursement analysis, financial forecasting, electronic data interchange (EDI), and custom reporting. In search of the ultimate paperless solution, Beth works with clients to securely transport data electronically.